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The (truth about) fear of change

January 25, 2011 6 comments

25% of my contacts on Linkedin have started in a new job last year

Just over a year ago, on January 24, 2010, I posted the big news to my family and friends — I am starting a blog! Haven’t yet figured out what it was going to be exactly about, but I was convinced it would be another New Year’s resolution that will stay out of the drawer for few months only — before it would go back to the pile of other ideas that for some reason people usually deliberate around the turn of the new year and never truly take the effort to follow up on them. Still, I thought, it would be fun to try — little did I know how much so!
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What is in a year, really?

December 23, 2010 3 comments

Photo by Goran Kimovski, December, 2010

If a year was a bucket, it would start half empty…
But sadly, finish half full…

Somewhere death comes by night,
While a newborn smiles at his first daylight
An old man says last goodbye at work,
A child says Hi to her first homework
Mother’s cry, father’s pride,
Children’s voices race for the clouds
If a year was a bucket, it would hold life…

One child is born to never learn food is scarce,
Another is raised to respect nature’s resources
Yet another brings doom to many with his gun,
While his friends are looking up to the sun
White, black, girls, boys,  fast, slow, short, tall
Different but same, happy dreams for all
If a year was a bucket, it would hold hope…

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“Platformness” – discovering a new quality in things

September 5, 2010 4 comments

After posting my previous article on cupcakes and what they taught me about platforms, I had a feeling something was missing, the article was not complete and my thoughts around platforms were not as clear as I wanted them to be. Today, I think I know what bugged me, so as I’ve previously done when I feel restless about some idea, I decided to go to my writing playground — this blog — and secure my sleep by dumping what’s on my mind 😉

To start, I’d like to tell you few quick stories that opened new perspectives for my view of the service you all love or hate — Twitter!

My list of people I follow on Twitter includes Twitter’s own Katie Jacobs Stanton (@KatieS). Yesterday, after a hard-working week, she decided to pack the kids in a car and go for camping during the long weekend. As the lack would have it, her car battery died and she got stranded on the highway between Los Altos and Mountain View, CA with three sleeping kids in the car. Most people would try to call road assistance in such a situation, but not Katie. She asked Twitter to the rescue! 😉
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Amazing Vancouver – time lapse video

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

I love Vancouver! It took me only a year since I moved here to feel like home and though at times dealing with the rain in fall (and snow-less winters like this one) may be a little hard I still enjoy every bit of the city and the surroundings. Where else could one stroll around the city for a truly multi-cultural experience (including cuisine!), go up in the nearby mountains for a skiing fun and then climb down on the beach and bask in the gorgeous sunset?

When I got the video you can see below, I thought I had to pay my tribute to the city’s beauty and share it with as many people as possible. I hope you’ll enjoy watching the video as much as I enjoy living in Vancouver!
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Slam poetry – of the inspirational type!

January 27, 2010 1 comment

I never though poetry reading would be fun, even less inspirational. Well, Taylor Mali entered my browser to disprove me 😉 I was amazed at his skill — not only to come up with the poems, but at his passion in the way he delivers them. I warmly recommend you a dose of slam poetry — it’ll make your day (or night) beautiful.

I definitely recommend What Teachers Make because of the power of delivery and inspirational message, but I also loved The The Impotence of Proofreading, Reading Allowed, Totally like whatever, you know? and For The Life of Me.
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