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Helping kids live their dream, and wear their passion!

November 3, 2010 15 comments

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I have been having prolonged brainstorming sessions with myself around the idea of World4Children lately! 😉 Some of the things that happened to me in the past month or so (Schooling the World, TEDxUBC) have largely influenced many of those thoughts. I have also been getting inspiration from some of the amazing kids and organizations supporting youth I started connecting with using social media.

It was not all happening during those one-to-one meetings with myself, though. I have engaged with various people both online and offline, and they gave me different perspectives on topics concerning kids, in particular education. I even got further inspiration through my favorite ideas sharing platform, TED — which is to be blamed for inspiring me originally to step out of my comfort zone and start acting on my dreams. 😉

Importantly, I have faced many questions I have been struggling to answer ever since:  “What is going on with World4Children? How do you plan to implement the vision? It is a great idea, but what kind of value can World4Children bring to kids? Or adults interacting with them? How is World4Children different from the many organizations, charities and similar groups already supporting kids?”

I now think I have answers — or at least first drafts. 😉 Let me start from the bottom up!
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Call for support – kids as partners in the future

September 22, 2010 6 comments

If you haven’t seen my previous articles, recently I called for organizing a TEDChildren conference and started gathering a community using Twitter. Unfortunately the events unfolded into a somewhat unexpected direction.

Instead of just being idea promoter relying on the power of TED as a global platform for change to take upon it, I now feel I need to assume a more sizable role and connect with like minded people to try and implement the idea ourselves or with few smaller partners. I decided to use this article as a reset point for the initial call and reach out to the community for support.

I have posted this originally through Twitter (this should explain the format) and this serves as a condensed form with improved readability!

My call for action for TEDChildren hit a little snag: TED will not organize a TEDChildren conference in the near future.

I didn’t get discouraged! They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I can be stubborn at times 😉

I am now more than ever passionate about turning the idea into a reality — and I want to tell you why!

Try to imagine a future without kids! It hurts to even think about this, right? It’s a nightmare we better never see!

How about kids without future? — and I am not just talking runaway climate change roasting the biosphere.
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The participation train arrived – mind the gap when boarding!

September 20, 2010 2 comments

Update: I’ve provided some clarification about the spirit of this article in the comments below! Please read and let me know your feedback!

This morning, I got disillusioned! — definitely not a good feeling for a Monday morning 😉

No, it’s not the fact that TED didn’t endorse TEDChildren — disappointing as it was at first, I later realized that was just a symptom — but the realization that my ideas about a participatory world of engaged individuals are missing a key element!

The lesson I learned today? The participatory world doesn’t exist on its own, it is sprouting out from the existing money-driven economy, and the cost for its existence is paid by the consumers!

I am very passionate about platforms and got to think that only few have a key essence — I call it platformness — that sets apart the truly successful ones from all the others — the others that even though they’re designed to be platforms either never take off or remain to be used simply as versatile products. It is the essence that emerges when the platform and its users engage in a positive feedback loop that enables previously unimaginable uses to sprout out.
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I help others engage, therefore I learn!

September 15, 2010 7 comments

The premise of my previous article was that today’s world values participation above consumption and the new economy of attention selects those who engage with others and not those who focus on earning and spending money.

As I mentioned at the end of the article, though, there’s one more aspect about this view of the world that I didn’t cover. It is an aspect that I am most excited about and would like to lay it out here!

In a peculiar twist of random events converging to an unexpected outcome — which will become obvious below 😉 — after writing the article last night, today I got to watch Carne Ross, the first ever “freelance diplomat”, speaking at one of TED’s partner conferences, the Business Innovation Factory summit last year.
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Why TEDChildren can make a difference!

September 9, 2010 2 comments

Today I got very excited to learn about two great initiatives — one backed by UNICEF and another resulting from the TEDx community — providing kids with an opportunity to voice their opinion on topics impacting their future — from global warming, to universal education for everyone, to eradicating poverty…

Naturally, that made me think if my quest for initiating TEDChildren is obsolete as these two forums are already providing what I had in mind when I wrote my call for action! At first sight it seemed to me that I can go back and catch up on my sleep, to the great relief to all of those fine folks around the world I’ve harassed into following @TEDChildren on Twitter! 😉

While going back to 5-6 hrs of sleep from the current 2-3 sounds tempting, I decided to do my homework and understand the two forums better!
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Call for action – children’s conference at TED

September 7, 2010 6 comments

Recently I wrote “If I allow myself to dream — and in that dream I find my self on the TED stage making a wish 😉 – I would be calling for a global forum where the topics of self and identity, the impact of the emotions to human behavior, the question how personality is shaped from childhood to adulthood, and many related questions [involving children] are discussed.” With this post, I’d like to turn my words into action and try to use one of my favorite platforms for sharing (and acting on) ideas, TED, to call for such a forum to be organized!

When I was growing up in Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia I often heard the phrase “The future belongs to our children!” As I was growing up, things have rapidly changed around me — the communist regime was crumbling around Easter Europe and even “moderate” socialist countries like Yugoslavia fell apart into little states striving for independence and recognition in the world.

Now, politics never interested me — especially as a kid 😉 — but I couldn’t avoid to notice that the promise stated by that sentence I heard so many times before, somehow started to fade. In the backdrop of civil unrest, increased poverty, fights for power, etc., somehow the idea that the future will belong to my generation, and the dream with it that such future will be bright and happy seemed far-fetched.
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“Platformness” – discovering a new quality in things

September 5, 2010 4 comments

After posting my previous article on cupcakes and what they taught me about platforms, I had a feeling something was missing, the article was not complete and my thoughts around platforms were not as clear as I wanted them to be. Today, I think I know what bugged me, so as I’ve previously done when I feel restless about some idea, I decided to go to my writing playground — this blog — and secure my sleep by dumping what’s on my mind 😉

To start, I’d like to tell you few quick stories that opened new perspectives for my view of the service you all love or hate — Twitter!

My list of people I follow on Twitter includes Twitter’s own Katie Jacobs Stanton (@KatieS). Yesterday, after a hard-working week, she decided to pack the kids in a car and go for camping during the long weekend. As the lack would have it, her car battery died and she got stranded on the highway between Los Altos and Mountain View, CA with three sleeping kids in the car. Most people would try to call road assistance in such a situation, but not Katie. She asked Twitter to the rescue! 😉
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