A reader asked in the comments of the About Me page if they can copy & paste information from my posts onto their web site. I never really thought of this before and generally find it discriminating when blogs put some heavy copyright and similar terms for using their content. I always saw my blog as something public and free! However, I accept that stating my views over such legal questions may turn out to be important for some people, so there you go, this page should make things clear in plain terms — despite the title of the page 😉

Copy up — what can you do with my posts

  1. All of the content presented in my blog is free for copying and reusing in any imaginable form, as long as you don’t claim it to be your own! 😉
  2. As a fair game, it would be great if you either link back or mention my blog or my name (Goran Kimovski aka Kima) as the source when copying content from this blog
  3. I am a big fan of the Creative Commons licenses, but have no plans to officially register any of the content as such at the moment. Ideally, though, I would be grateful if you treat your own content where you may be referencing my stuff as following at least the less restrictive Creative Commons license (Attribution).

Copy down — how I treat my sources

  1. All of the ideas and thoughts represented in this blog are solely mine — along with any mistakes I may have made when writing them!
  2. Any quotes from other sources, along with citations and references are generally accompanied by enough information or links to be traced back to the original — if you find any where this is not the case please let me know and I will correct this immediately!
  3. Most of the images embedded in the posts are found on other free sites by using a search engine like Google Image search. I generally do not edit those images, so it is easy for people to find them when using tools like TinEye Reverse Image search. I have also started practice to link the image back to the site where I obtained it, unless the site is utterly irrelevant to the topic of the post and I am fairly confident the image is free. If you suspect an image is copyrighted and I may not freely use it, let me know and I will properly credit the source or try to find an alternative!

If the above rules are not helpful enough, drop me a comment and I will reply as soon as possible. The comments are generally unmoderated and should appear immediately, but I do use a spam engine so some comments may be held in case the engine suspects them as spams. Rest assured are check the spam comments too from time to time and will make sure the appropriate ones show up here along with an answer if required!


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