Have you heard about Perry Chen, the youngest film critic in the world? Check our recent interview with Perry — as part of the World4Children series of interviews with inspiring kids — to find out more about him: There’s no age limit for passion — meet Perry Chen, a 10-yr-old film critic, radio show host, animator…

In the interview, Perry said that he “would like to inspire other kids to start pursuing their dreams and passion by sharing my experiences in movie review and making animation.” To do this, he and his mom, Dr. Zhu Shen, partnered with an amazing organization — Amazing Kids! — to organize the Amazing Kids!’ Perrific Oscar® Picks! Contest — a first-ever contest for kids predicting the Oscar® for the Best Animated Feature!

Perry interviewing kids about the upcoming Oscar® for the Best Animated Feature!

The “Amazing Kids!’ Perrific Oscar® Picks! Contest invites kids of 6-17 age group worldwide to predict the Oscar winner for “Best Animated Feature of 2010” for the upcoming 83rd Academy Awards®. Contestants are asked to predict which of the top 3 Oscar®-nominated feature animation films, How To Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3, and The Illusionist, will win at the Academy Awards ceremony on February 27, 2011.


Perry hopes that many kids will participate in this contest and let their voice be heard about which Oscar-nominated animation film should win Oscar. DreamWorks Animation is the first prize sponsor and has shipped 20 DVDs of “How To Train Your Dragon” as prizes for winner. Similar support is expected from Disney/ Pixar (for Toy Story 3) and Sony Pictures (for The Illusionist) also. Entries from the UK, Canada, and the US have already been received.

To read more about the contest and how to participate, check the following links:

Recently Perry Chen, Dr. Zhu Shen, Amazing Kids! Founder Alyse Rome, and Toon Boom Animation’s VP of Marketing Karina Bessoudo, also participated in a Canadian radio talk show “Cutting Room Floor” to discuss the “Amazing Kids!’ Perrific Oscar® Picks!”– you can check the recording @

The “Amazing Kids!’ Perrific Oscar® Picks!” contest is one of several movie-related contests planned by Amazing Kids! and Perry’s Previews in the coming months, including an upcoming kids’ movie review writing contest for kids which will be judged by Perry Chen, Amazing Kids! resident film critic, along with some of today’s most prominent adult critics.

PerrificTM Insights from a Leading Child Film Critic

We’re always ready to support Perry and all of the other kids we’re connecting with through World4Children. Perry’s film reviews, animation work and much more can be found at You can also follow him on Twitter (@perryspreviews) and Facebook (PerrysPreviewsFan).
Helping Kids Realize Their Potential and Launch Their Dreams!

We’re also proud to partner with Amazing Kids!, with whom we enjoy mutual values and had great support since the start of our idea to build a platform for kids and adults to partner in change. The Amazing Kids! mission is to help inspire kids to discover their own unique gifts and to use them in positive and productive ways to make a difference in their lives, the communities they live in, and reach their dreams.

To find out more about the organization, goto or follow them on Twitter (@amazingkids) and Facebook (amazingkids). Be sure to check their kid-created, award-winning monthly Amazing Kids! Online Magazine: !!!

  1. February 14, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Sounds like fun, I will see how my little fella will do on this on.. I will ask him to do this and report our ideas.. 😀 Thanks Kima!

    • February 15, 2011 at 12:02 pm

      It is fun indeed Rachana… I hope your son gets a chance to win a DVD! 😉 … I am also curious if the Academy will agree with the kids’ choice? 😉

      I hope all is good with your and your family!!

      P.S. For some reason Akismet thought your comment was a spam … makes me wonder if spam control has become too paranoid?! 😦

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