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Amazing kids & amazing dreams!

We at World4Children are passionate about helping kids live their dream and apply their own passions to build a better future for themselves. Luckily, we’re not alone and many organizations around the world share similar values. We’re happy to have one of them as one of our greatest supporters and hopefully partners in the future to help more kids follow their dreams!

Amazing Kids! is a children’s non-profit organization offering fun, challenging, and self-motivating educational enrichment for kids and teens worldwide! Their online magazine is created by kids and highly respected by many kids, parents and educators. Their programs are helping kids with opportunities to improve their skills or get resources to help them launch their own dreams.

If you visited this web site in the past few weeks, you must have noticed that World4Children supported the first-ever contest designed to gather the votes of the kids for their favorite Animated Feature Film from the Oscar-nominees, How To Train Your DragonToy Story 3, and The Illusionist. The Oscars are done and we all know the winner is Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3, but today 40 other winners have been announced among the many kids who submitted their votes for the Amazing Kids! Perrific Oscar Picks Contest — if you or your child participated in the contest, make sure to check the names at the official list! We’re happy to see that besides US and Canada, there are kids from as far as India, UK and Hong Kong!

If you haven’t got a chance to win one of the DVD prizes, we are hoping you will have fun watching Perry Chen, the young film critic that provided the main motivation for this fun contest (and who just turned 11 last week!), interviewing the directors of How To Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3:

We’re looking forward to partner with Amazing Kids! and similar organizations and work with many other inspiring kids like Perry!

You are also invited to join us on the amazing journey as we’re preparing the first TEDx event for kids in BC — TEDxKids@BC. Note that we have no age restrictions for our conference as we’re interested in kids outside boxes, who are following their passion and hearts, whether they’re 7 or 77! 😉 Heck, we have no restrictions of any kind, you can join us from every corner of the world as we’ll offer an opportunity to watch the event online — just bring your passion on your sleeve and dream of the time you were a child, full of wonder about the world, curious to understand it and brave to change it!

Thank you!

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