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When will the foolishness end?

Last night I watched an MSNBC video on Youtube that ran the silliest creationist vs. atheist news I ever heard about. Apparently, 7 US states ban people who do not believe in god from positions in the state government?! North Carolina recently got a new councilman and he swore using the words “solemn acclamation” instead of “so help me god” 😉 Well, this got him into trouble as the NC state law forbids atheists from entering council?!

It’s interesting what this law represents for non-christian candidates … after all, they do believe in some sort of god (whether almighty or not).

To make things even more unbelievable, similar kinds of laws exist in 7 US states.

Luckily I had no plans to move to US and run for council in any of them B-)
I also feel lucky to live in BC where, AFAIK, you are not denied any right to work in a public organization as long as the Skills section of your resumé matches the job requirements! I just hope I won’t be proven wrong on this one 😀


P.S. Little curiosity: this video is marked as favorite in a Youtube channel supposedly owned by Richard Dawkins 😉

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