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About this blog

I thought it would be proper to describe the rationale for starting this blog and explain what the blog is about, so I’ll try to use the next few paragraphs to do that.

Why a blog?

With one exception I never blogged before. That exception was a personal blog on blogspot that I hoped to use as an effective alternative to email to update my Macedonian friends and relatives about my whereabouts and happenings. Unfortunately, I easily found excuses (e.g. no free time) to abandon that :-(. That, and the fact that I was never bought into or even less committed to blogging makes me say I never (really) blogged before.

I am also very traditional by the 21st century standards and have no Facebook or Twitter account, prefer “dead wood” instead of electronic books, prefer face-to-face communication or at least phone over email, etc. And I am not even that old 😉

To my defense, I do use LinkedIn for professional networking and have significant number of connections there, but that is the exception and not the rule compared to most of my friends and colleagues with whom I share this highly connected flat world of social networks, twitter followers and do-it-all gadgets. Speaking of gadgets, I still carry an old Sony Ericsson Z600 from 2003, but I digress.

Well, with the advent of 2010, I finally decided to surrender my fort and adopt some of the modern blessings the technology has to offer, so this blog is the first of the series of changes I have in mind before the end of the year 😉

What is the blog about?

As I wrote in the About me page, I have wide interests in many topics and I tend to read a lot. That brought inspiration to me to write about some of the stuff I read about and offer opinions, criticism or even open a discussion.

In addition to my reading, I am interested in finding out about new creative ideas or ingenious solutions to existing problems, so I’d like to raise the attention to some of those to my circle of connections.

I also see the blog as an opportunity for me to raise questions for topics of interest to me, like education, (non-)religion, implementation of scientific principles, global issues, etc. Hopefully, that will offer me an opportunity to discuss them with my readers and get interesting feedback.

Finally, I have a dream, to use Martin’s words, of becoming a writer (of sorts), so writing a blog seemed like an appropriate step to carry out that dream 😉 I just hope you’ll be patient as I polish my writing skills!


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